Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fallen Angels: The Anvil

Once again I have more pictures of my Fallen Angels army!  Everything is actually completed, and I will now start working on my Nurgle marines and traitor guardsmen.  There will be one more post of Fallen Angels and hopefully that will give me time to complete my landraider.
First up is the Chaplain from the Dark Vengeance set that will act as a Dark Apostle (if I ever actually run one).  This is an incredible model and I had so much fun painting him.

In a similar fashion I have five chosen.  I used the Dark Angels upgrade pack for most of the parts here.  It is hard to tell from the photo, but the robes ended up more muted than most of the other robes I have done.  They still look good, but not as good as some of the other robes.  I really love the look of these guys and when I expand the army in the future I want as many robes as I can get my hands on.

Old school lascannon predator!  This isn't a super exciting model, but the old style fits perfectly with the theme of the army.  Once again this was a model where I had to strip paint before I repainted.  In fact this is now the second time I have painted this model (the first time being about 15 years ago).  There are few things I hate more than having to deal with metal models.  Glue hates to work properly and paint likes to pull right off.  There were two places where I had to go back and re-paint because paint pulled off right as I finished the model.

My dreadnought (errr helbrute)!  The venerable kit was fantastic.  There are enough options that I can actually build several more ranged weapon options to replace as needed.  This is the only model in the army that has the imperial aquila because I couldn't find a decent way of removing it without destroying the rest of the front piece. 

For the final update I will have a big group shot as well as individual shots of my terminator squad and Cypher!


  1. Good to see a Dark Angels army which finally embraces their true nature.

    Looking great!

  2. Looking awesome, I've got a few fallen thrown into the ranks of my Red Corsairs (including a dual pistol wielding aspiring champion with a mysterious sword he never uses...) but I haven't yet taken the plunge to make them a full army. Perhaps if I buy another Dark Vengeance I'll start stealing the DA models to use for my Fallen.

  3. They all look great, and cant wait for Cypher!


  4. Great looking army, especially like the merging of new and old minis so thanks for sharing :)

    But where's the pics from the painter you've got writing here?


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