Tuesday, May 19, 2015


It's true, the 40k daemons blog has a new master, dark and terrible to behold!

Slaede had left this brilliant little blog to rot in the warp, which was a real shame considering how many daemon players had been able suckle the wisdom from his brain.

Bloated with juicy goodness, this blog should not go to waste. So I bothered him like a buzzing fly, having learned his true name (it's Kevin by the way) and soon he was willing to deliver this delicious cacophony of content into my claws.

Too much visceral description?

I'll have to work on that. But there is something salivating about commanding an army of slobbering creatures from the darkest corners of mankind's imagination.


Adam from the Space Wolves Blog of course. And here is where my Heresy begins. You see, I've always been a Chaos player at heart. It never really sat well with my friends when I started a Space Wolves army, because I suddenly became sensible.

No more maniacal laughter. No more sending my minions to their deaths while my Chaos Lord fled, like the coward he was, all the while blaming the incompetence of his subordinates for the failure of his diabolical schemes.

The Honourable challenges, strategic advances and noble deeds of the Vlka Fenryka came as a shock to them. Gone was the madness, replaced by the direct minded ferocity and purpose of the Space Wolves.

But sometimes, you need the madness to keep things interesting. After all, should we really care about ensuring we win all our games when Games Workshop expects us to buy whole armies of Imperial Knights?

"introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos."


I want to create a home in the warp for all of the Chaos Daemon players on the web, just like I did with the Space Wolves Blog. Except that this place will be insane, not structured. Anarchic, not ordered. And is shall be open to all to scrawl upon!

Yes, the blog shall be flung open to all and sundry who wish to write upon it.

That's right, I want YOU to write for the Daemons blog.

There shall be no quality control, no censorship. Although tagging would be nice. How else would anyone find anything?

Meanwhile, the 40K Daemons blog will be undergoing a slow, twisting transformation as I settle upon the design. Or maybe I won't? Maybe it will always be forever changing.

As for me, I will begin my Nurgle Daemonkin army soon. Nurgle has always appealed to me for the sheer conversion opportunities and all of the wonderfully gribbly bits available. No other Chaos God ever had such a marvellously monstrous collection of creatures.

So get ready for change, prepare for madness and expect sickness. The 40K Daemons blog is back and it will become more monstrous than ever!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

League: Week 3

This week our league switched from the traditional mission to the maelstrom missions.  I like these missions better, and I feel like my mobile/durable army does well with the tactical objectives.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Imperial Armour XIII: Renegades and Heretics Heavy Support

'Bout time I got 'round to finishing this up. The Heavy Support section is a bear with tons of options, which is why I kept putting it off. Outside of the troops, this is the strength of the army. Let's begin, shall we?

Renegade Leman Russ Squadron

Leman Russes are good but never scare me when I see them across the table because Flesh Hounds and Screamers eat them every single time. I like that they are cheaper than the loyalist versions because of BS2 (which you can upgrade to BS3 by bringing the cost in line). This makes the blast versions like the Demolisher more appealing than, say, the Punisher, which should really only ever be driven by Pask.

All of the blasty tanks have cases to be made. The Plasmacutioner has done nasty things to me in the past. The Demolisher is scary if it gets close enough to fire. The Eradicator is cheap and can help dig out things like Nids in ruins under shrouding. And the bog standard Russ has good range on a S8 ordnance gun. All in all, you probably won't go too far wrong with a tank squadron in this army, but I'd keep them cheap with no sponsons and put heavy flamers on the front so the BS2 doesn't come into play and they can still fight if they lose their main guns. You'll probably want to foot the five points for dozer blades as well. That's worth it.

Friday, November 21, 2014

So Fateweaver Can Summon Now...

You look like a man could use some more Pink Horrors. That's what GW thinks. Today sees the release of a very brief update to the Daemon Errata allowing both of Fateweaver's heads a roll on Malefic in addition to the powers he already gets.

The implications are obvious, so I won't belabor the point. Obviously we're all going to be casting Possession with him to summon a Bloodthirster. This almost puts him back in auto-include territory as he always has something useful to be doing. Just remember which head has which power so you don't cast Psychic Shriek and then one of the powers from the other head. Can both heads know the same power?

Unrelated update: Sean Nayden posted the links to his batreps with the Nid bomb list in the comments of my previous post. Since I am flattered to have high level players read and comment on the blog, and since any decent tactics articles on 40k are hard to come by lately, I here post the link for your enjoyment.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nid Bombs!

A fiendishly clever list won the 11th Company GT that I wanted to talk about.

Hive Tyrant – wings, 2x twin-linked Devourer, Electroshock Grubs – 240
Hive Tyrant – wings, 2x twin-linked Devourer, Electroshock Grubs – 240
Lictor – 50
Lictor – 50
Lictor – 50
3 Ripper Swarms – Deepstrike – 45
5 Genestealers – 70
5 Genestealers – 70
5 Genestealers – 70
5 Spore Mines – 25
5 Spore Mines – 25
4 Spore Mines – 20
Mawloc – 140
Mawloc – 140
Mawloc – 140
Bastion – Comms relay – 95

Death Leapers Assassin Formation

Death Leaper – 130
Lictor – 50
Lictor – 50
Lictor – 50
Lictor – 50
Lictor – 50

Sunday, November 16, 2014

League: Night Two

The list I ran this week was the same as last week, but I swapped out the missile launcher for two melta guns (I had 5 extra points last week)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Batl Report!!!1: Daemons vs. Elfdars

It has been four weeks since Ian and I last played 40k. It was against each other. Since then, he's been studying to learn to go be a doctor maybe and I've been playing Warmachine because 40k opponents of any skill are difficult to come by in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Both of us are rusty as hell, but I needed to try out my LVO list and stay in the swing of things. Ian's going, too and is debating between his beloved Blood Angels, who should have a new book by then, and Eldar. Today, he played Eldar.
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