Monday, September 22, 2014


Work very busy right now. Home life also very busy. Between work, church, football, painting, gaming and family time, something has to get crowded out, and right now this is it. Besides, there ain't a whole lot to talk about since I feel like just about everything has been covered at the moment and I've got a serious case of writer's block.

Go build an army that can beat both Wave Serpents and three Imperial Knights and you'll probably be okay. I've already written those posts.

I suspect this is temporary, and that I will eventually be in the mood to write more, but as I am on vacation next week, things may be a bit slow around here for a bit of a while until my Muse returns. I know Andrew has another cool painting tutorial in the hopper, so it won't be completely dead.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Is Assault Stronger Than Shooting Now?

A funny thing happened with the introduction of 7th, and that is that suddenly, assault became a much more important phase of the game. Sure, everybody talks about the boost shooting got in 6th, and few to none of those boosts has gone away, but things have changed in the meantime.

Consider, tournament standard now allows the following, very-hard-to-shoot-dead things:

  • Adamantine Lance (Imperial Knights in general)
  • Wraithknights (Grav weapons excepted)
  • Wave Serpents
  • Warp Spiders jumping in and out from behind walls
  • Chaos Spawn
  • Flying Nurgle Princes with Iron Arm
  • Invisible units
  • Thunderwold spam (Usually with White Scars)
  • Screamerstars
  • Beaststars
  • Seer Councils
  • Heirodules
  • Leman Russ Squadrons
  • Objective Secured Land Raiders
  • Shrouded Nid armies (especially if President Obama has allowed Malanthopes where you live)
  • Any assault-based army that can be in assault with most of it on turn 2 (i.e. Any properly designed assault army)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Somebody Figured Out How To Use the Doomstone

Alan Barjamovich won the Indy Open GT over the weekend with a Tyranids/Daemons combo.

Blackmoor got a text during the Feast qualifier telling tall tales of how Alan summoned all four Greater Daemons on the first turn, killed Draigo with the Doomstone all while standing on one foot. It was the Doomstone part that caught our attention. I haven't even thought about the thing since the IG codex got rid of the Psyker Battle Squad's LD-dropping power. We assumed he had to have Nid allies because very little else besides Terrify drops LD by an appreciable amount.

Now that you can take a Screamerstar in an allied detachment, you can work that kind of nasty board control into almost any list, and the combination of Shadow in the Warp and the Doomstone with a 2+ rerollable unit is certainly very potent.

When I did my CTA reviews I kind of wrote off the Nids as being tough to keep away from your own stuff since Daemons can do the Horde thing just fine. Nevertheless, Flyrants, Heirodules, Biovores and Tervigons all provide useful things for a Daemon army, allowing you to clog the board with Gants and summon Daemons to get a serious threat built up in a hurry. Then you factor in the new Dimacherons and Malanthropes, and there's some serious unexplored potential if you're playing Nids primary.

The Doomstone is probably a corner case with it being a useful swap out vs a psychic army like GK. But if you ever find yourself running the combination, don't forget you have the option.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Feast of Blades Qualifier List

Unless somebody steals it, you won't see this at the invitational.

I won the Feast qualifier today with the above list. All five of the best players in town showed up, so it was very tight with four of us in it at the end.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Review of Codex Officio Assassinorium

Someone asked me to talk about the new Assassin dataslate. There have been many reviews of the new Codex: Assassins. But mine is to be the best one.

To begin, I can't stress enough that they are all four T4, W3 models rocking a 4++ (Yes, some have Invisbility of sorts.). They cost far more than one would reasonably wish to pay for such a squishy piece. They are also all on foot, and therefore slow. Since three of the four are short-ranged, the slowness is crippling. Everybody builds lists with fast stuff: bikes, jetbikes, Serpents, Warp Spiders, Hounds, Screamers, teleporting Grav Cents, Knights, Wraithknights... We do not bring models on foot with a very short range.

Oh, and also, it eats up your ally or detachment slot in the very sensible two source format. Though they may modify it to say two sources plus an assassin.

With these rather considerable deficiencies in mind, we shall begin our review.

Painting Rust (3rd Edition Obliterators)

I work to give my models a worn look, and one of the big parts of this is painting metal to look rusted.

One thing that is important to remember is that quite often the process of painting rust looks awful up until the last couple of steps.  It took me a long time to develop this technique and still I find myself needing faith in the process when the individual steps look unappealing.

*Warning: Lots of pictures ahead!*

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Constructing the Most Efficient Daemon Summoning Army

Hi everyone. I've been super busy with work and family stuff so I'm having trouble finding time to blog. Plus I'm painting a Warmachine army up. Fun game.

My favorite game so far has been against Gatormen. The dude was a nice fellow but he said it would be embarrassing if he lost to a n00b like me. He was doing this thing where he put puddles all over the board, and so long as his gators were in the puddles, I couldn't shoot him. Well, half my army shoots, so it's completely useless and I'm wondering what the hell I'm going to do when the gators come get me. So on the second turn, he moves his caster within 15" of mine. and puts him in one of the puddles. So my caster (Ashlynn) has a spell that pulls the model it hits d6" directly towards her if she hits. So I walk up, and yoink him out of his puddle and whop his warcaster over the head with a couple warjacks winning on turn 2 and trying feebly to stifle a shit-eating grin. So I've won five games straight since losing my first two, now. Game is not hard at all!

I also want to complain about the Battlescribe app on my phone. The guy has seen fit to update the interface and put ads all over the place, but he has decided to not fix the feature that makes it crash whenever I click the wrong button, even though I never know what button that will be. Somebody should do something! And would whoever uploaded the damn Daemon catalog into the repository fix the sodding costs for the Soul Grinders already? You copied and pasted the Daemon of Soandso costs from the Daemon Prince entry, I get it, but fix it, damn you! If anyone knows how to upload a catalog to that repository, let me know, and then do it for me because I am lazy.

But I did not come here today to talk to you about that.
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